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National Blacks In Government (BIG) Affirmative Employment/EEO program develops programs to address areas of concern of Black government employees including rates of hiring and firing; promotions; training; details; distribution of authority and responsibility; adverse actions; awards; merit pay; and disciplinary actions. Also, in line with BIG’s strategic plan, one of BIG’s AE/EEO program goals is to eliminate practices of racism and racial discrimination against Blacks In Government.

The Preamble to the National Constitution of Blacks In Government

We believe that Blacks in government should have the opportunity for full, complete and equitable access to jobs, education, advancement, housing and health services, and that they must have recourse in adverse situations without discrimination because of race.We further believe that Blacks should unite in order to obtain and secure the rights and privileges of full citizenship participation. It is necessary to develop a mechanism for inclusion,growth and power for all present and future Black employees in Federal, State and local governments.


Therefore, we, the members of Blacks In Government ® (BIG), in order to act as an advocate for the employment and general welfare of Blacks employed in Federal, State and local governments and to establish a national network of Black Federal, State and local government employees, do hereby establish this constitution for a national organization of Blacks in government.”

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